Weaver's starts with premium green coffee beans sourced all around the world The art of coffee cupping and tasting
We start with premium green coffee beans, selected from the best growing regions around the world, especially the equatorial belt. Our coffees are grown above an altitude of three thousand feet where the rich, volcanic soil produces a deep taste profile.
Offering only hand-roasted artisan coffees
Through the careful handling of load size, time, temperature and air flow we hand roast each batch to unlock the full, inherent potential unique to each lot of coffee. Knowledge of bean density is vital when roasting - the softer the bean, the gentler the roasting process as opposed to harder beans which can be aggressively "pushed" in the roasting process. Our unique, hand-roasting creates as much body as possible without loss of any of flavor profile.
The fine art of blending and cupping
Blending is an art in itself. Bean composition of each blend is decided by first roasting to a specific origin, which is then mixed with varied amounts of other lots, resulting in many different combinations. We then sample through 'blind cupping' which can take hours, sometimes days to perfect. Methodically, we narrow it down to our favorite cup of coffee.
Cupping is a skill that can be learned by doing, but only mastered through time and experience.
Retail Artisan Coffee Portfolio

We know that coffee is a perishable item.  It will lose flavor and freshness over a very short period of time unless it is handled properly. Our artisan coffee is hand-packed into a custom, one-way valve package and sealed within minutes of being roasted. Our special coffee bag has been carefully designed to release CO2 through the one-way valve - fresh-roasted coffee out-gases CO2 for hours after leaving the roaster.